Each customer has unique needs. We offer tailor made solutions for our customers according to their needs. We provide design, market intelligence & trends to our customers in Izmir.

We can supply wide range of product such as garments, fabrics, footwear, accessories, hometextiles (bedding, towels, filled, curtains,).


We are not only sourcing garments but also fabrics, trims,  accessories, home textiles.

We provide market intelligence to our customers with regular updates.


  • Ethicaland Technical Compliance

  • Sample Fitting

  • Risk assessment

  • Base fabric Management

  • Colour Management


  • Critical Path Management

  • BulkSubmits Management

  • Inline Inspection

  • AQL Final Inspection


  • We have great experience in garment technology. Every sample is checked, measured and fitted in customer standards as well as live models before submitting to our customers. Our 1st time fit approval rate is over 80%. We easy our customer’s work load with confidence established three years.

  • Performance standards of the raw materials and garments are monitored with 3rd party as well as in house testing.

  • We perform inline and final inspections for every order we ship.